Volunteer at Project Connect!

Cedar Ridge High School students! Photo by Laura Shmania.

Cedar Ridge High School students! Photo by Laura Shmania.

We require that all volunteers show up to Project Connect with an open mind & heart, be ready to have a great time, meet new friends, share a meal with fellow community members, and leave the day knowing you've made a difference in someone's life!  All new volunteers must attend one orientation session. When you complete the Volunteer Sign-Up form you will have the option to choose a session. In the summer of 2014 we will post a sign up form for volunteers.

Volunteer Positions


Greeters are the first volunteers that guests, service providers, and other volunteers come in contact with! This is a great volunteer opportunity for anyone that is outgoing, friendly or just likes to be helpful.  Greeters will be stationed through out the event venues to welcome everyone as they walk in, guide them to where they are going, and answer questions, including questions about finding parking.

Photo by Laura Shmania

Photo by Laura Shmania

Intake Volunteer

Intake Volunteers work closely with guests as they first arrive to assess what services and needs they have. Intake volunteers interview guests on an individual basis, assist them in filling out forms as well as explain what services are available that day. Having experience doing direct service work or a social work background is helpful but not required.

Intake Recorder

Intake Recorders collect completed Intake forms. They will enter demographic information on an ongoing basis during the event.  No stats skills are required for this, just good attention to detail.

Guest Escort

Guest Escorts are a friendly and helpful guide for guests as they navigate the event. Escorts help guests prioritize services, assist with filling out paperwork if needed, and maybe even enjoy a meal together! Spanish speakers are encouraged to volunteer as Escorts to help translate for Spanish-speaking guests.

Coat Booth Volunteer

Coat booth volunteers will assist guests in selecting winter coats from the selection provided by the PTA Thrift Shop.

Voter Registration Volunteer

Volunteer will have voter registration documents and assist guests with filling them out.


Food Volunteer

Food Volunteers will assist with preparing and serving breakfast, lunch and snacks during the event. Volunteers act as wait staff and serve meals in a family-style restaurant atmosphere.


Photographers document the event by taking pictures throughout the event at all locations. Photographers will need to be trained in the event confidentiality issues prior to taking pictures. Volunteer photographers must provide their own digital cameras.

Volunteer Table Assistant

Volunteer Table Assistants will help other volunteers as they sign in for their shifts, answer questions about assignments, and direct volunteers to the appropriate place. Volunteers may also assist coordinators as runners during the event.

Salon Assistant

Salon Assistants will help the volunteer barbers as they cut hair, by cleaning up the hair stations and keeping a wait-list of guests' names.

Photo by Laura Shmania

Photo by Laura Shmania

Foot Washing Volunteer

Foot Washing Volunteers will spend time with guests cleaning and pampering their feet as health care providers assess guests for medical conditions.

Set Up & Clean Up Volunteers 

Volunteers will help with set up the night before the event and/or clean up after the event. Activities include moving tables/chairs, unloading trucks/cars with equipment, hanging signs/banners, and cleaning up the gym and community center. Volunteers must be able to lift up to 20 pounds and be comfortable doing physical work.

Recycling Adviser

Recycling Advisers will assist with recycling at the event, particularly in the food area.